Oxford Brookes Centre of Sport
Cheney Lane

The big grey building that the arrow is pointing at is the Brookes Sports Centre where the daytime stuff will be happening.

Across the road to the north the big white building is the Oxford Brookes Student Union venue where the show and renegade will be.

There are three main tips for getting here:

  1. There is parking across the road from the main hall
  2. Trains arrive at the wrong side of town, so get a bus to Brookes University
  3. If you are by the big walkway bridge over Headington Road, you’re basically there

Coming by Car (4 wheels)

The easiest route if you don’t know you way around Oxford is;

  1. Get onto the ring road heading north up the A4142 or south along the A40, both toward the London Road roundabout.
  2. At the roundabout turn onto London Road towards Oxford.
  3. Keep going past the Headington shops and the Hungry Horse pub and you will see Brookes University on your left (THAT’S NOT WHERE THE PARKING IS). The parking is a hundred metres further, on your Right.
  4. Park, walk across the bridge and you are there.

Coming by Bike/Unicycle (2/1 wheels)

  1. Coming from town, find your way to the High Street heading toward Magdalen roundabout.
  2. Take the first exit at the roundabout up St. Clement’s Street.
  3. Continue straight ahead at both traffic lights onto Headington Road.
  4. Now… you have a hill (I’m sure there’ll be a prize for anyone who makes it all the way up).
  5. At the top of the hill turn left into the Oxford Brookes Headington Campus (Headington Hill) turn left and head towards the bridge.
  6. Cross said bridge and you’re there.

Coming by Train/Bus (>4 wheels)

You’re going to arrive in the west side of Oxford (either Gloucester Green or the Train Station) and you need to get to the east side. You can go to the centre and follow bike/unicycle directions OR get one of theses buses: 7C, 8, 9, U1, U4, U5 (ask the bus driver if not sure, they’re not too grumpy).

If you get on the Oxford Tube/Oxford Express there is a bus stop at Oxford Brookes (how convenient). Get off the bus and head towards the Headington Campus (Headington Hill) then follow from step 5. from the bike/unicycle direction, walk a bit down the hill. Turn right up a little ramp thing, then left once you’re at the top and you’ll go over a bridge over the road. You will find us there.

We will also try to cover the place in signs with directions.

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